ARETHA - What Was She Doing in the Kitchen?

I saw the TODAY Show this morning.  Celine Dion was accorded a lengthy interview to discuss her beautiful voice, that has been out of commission for a few months due to a virus.  And then later on in the show Aretha Franklin appeared as a guest in the kitchen where she was given a very brief guest appearance, a little over a minute.  What was she doing in the kitchen?    Maybe someone didn't tell The TODAY Show that this is Black Music Month, and they should act accordingly. She should not have appeared in the kitchen.    What was the Queen of Soul doing in the kitchen?

Aretha Franklin is really a Diva.  She can huuuuuuuuum  better that most can sing.    It doesn’t matter the genre of music she has a soulful voice like none other.  She is the Diva of Soul.  Her singing career began in her father’s church and her role models were the likes of the Gospel greats, Mahalia Jackson and Albertina Walker.

She rocks with soul, jazz, rhythm and blues, pop and even Opera.  Her voice moves and stirs. She is gospel inspired no matter what she sings.  She is a child protégée. She has won 18 Grammy’s and has had 45 top hits.  She is the most honored and celebrated female singer in the past 50 years.  She is a gifted pianist.

Her most renowned song is RESPECT written by Otis Redding. This song became the Black National Anthem during the Civil Rights Movement, as it captured the mood of the moment in a single word.

Among her most popular songs  are:

. I Say A Little Prayer

. Natural Woman

. Chain  of Fools

. A Rose is a Rose

On Saturday, June 30 you can experience Aretha Franklin at the Arie  Crown Theater in a classical performance, Legends de Soul, at the Arie Crown Theater at the NDIGO Gala.   She will appear on stage where she belongs, but not in the kitchen.

Gala tickets can be purchased online at and concert tickets are available at Ticket  or at The Arie Crown Box Office. For further information call 312 822 02 02.  Tickets start at $75.

It will be a rocking night Saturday June 30 with a Blue Light Party to follow.  Aretha sings and reigns supreme.  Don’t miss this special evening.

And I just want to know what was Aretha  doing in the kitchen?


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