The Voxer Walkie Talkie App enables smart phone users to connect similarly to Nextel’s walkie-talkie capabilities. Voxer has gained popularity over the past year among young adults and other smart phone junkies.

Teneshia Greer, 22 said she installed Voxer but uninstalled it because she thought it was pretty stupid. When asked did she know about the security risks of Voxer she replied “It might be something crazy.”

What is interesting however is the app seems to be most popular among African Americans, something I witnessed first hand while trying to conduct interviews. All non-black students I asked seem to not be familiar with the app.

Voxer has the ability to connect you with friends, family and other networks that utilize the app by simply pulling information from Facebook. The app has amazing access to an individuals personal contacts and it can allow you to connect with people in amazing ways. Naturally, there are many security risks associated with such a capability however it is up to the individual and how much they value such personal information.

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