St. Millie - Something Good [Official Music Video]

" Headed to the top and I don't know my way back." -St. Millie

This is the story of one who will take it to the limit to achieve.

It seems that today, music artists are born overnight –leaving some with the absence of proper development and true understanding of the power within their craft. Their gift of voice is one thing, but in the rap game, lyricism and delivery can make or break you.

With that, an artist’s image must correlate with their mass message. Style, originality, and creativity are some of the adjectives that exude the essence of hip-hop and its storytellers.

As a rising artist, 21-year-old St. Millie is blazing a trail and embodying the particulars of a true emcee.

His relaxed delivery carries a feel good flow with the idea being to create an aura that invites inspiration and provides motivation, in which Millie has christened  “Church Music.”

It’s that laid-back vibe that gets you going, having a good time, while also offering a message.

At first listen, Millie’s “Church Music” is refreshing. Sounding like no other artist and bringing content to the table from the perspective of a new generation of hip-hop, it’s obvious that he’s built to pave his own lane, leaving others to follow.

He’s able to give you just enough of his story that’ll engage and satisfy. Yet, the listener will anticipate another track.

His latest single and video release, Something Good offers a vintage feel that promises better days while appreciating the currents.  The vocals are layed over a sample of Maverick Sable's, "I Need."

It’s music for motivation. Music you can chill to, work through and keep you moving.

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