Chicago and NATO? How about it?

Despite the obvious inconveniences of the NATO summit which ended yesterday here in Chicago, things were more under control than we all anticipated.

It was great seeing the city come together so uniformed and united, particularly with the Chicago Police Department and the Chicago Transit Authority. There were at least four Chicago police officers posted on every corner, every "L" station platform, entrance and exit and every place they seemed needed.

The police I encountered appeared rather friendly and "normal" so to speak. This weekend had been one of the hottest weekends thus far leaving some of the officers sweaty and exhausted. Some were found reading books, interacting with the general public and engaging in various conversations. How safe would the city, especially target areas like the city's South Side be if officers were posted like that on the regular? I am sure there is not enough money in the budget to make such a thing happen but something like that would build a much greater understanding between citizens and those who "Serve and Protect"

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