I live  and work in the heart of the area of Chicago disrupted because of The NATO Summit.  I have walked the path, watched the streets, driven the course,  attended the  meetings and  read all that I could because of the impact.

I saw Chicago Police at work first hand.    They were wonderful.  They were Chicago’s finest.    I saw the policemen in full combat gear on a hot day, I saw the policemen in motorcades, in marked and unmarked cars, and I saw them on horses and bicycles.    They were magnificent with a newfound respect from me.

They were courteous yet forceful.  They were firm and stood tall.   They protected our city, person and property,  as a team of people came to destroy.  It is almost like the police took a lesson from the  protesters of the King days of non-violence.  The protesters were violent, the policemen were non violent.  The policemen took the crowds verbal abuse and did not flitch.

Superintendent Garry McCarthy’s stock goes up in my book.  He was on the ground, leading his team from the front of the line.  He was uniformed, ready for service.  He was there to serve and protect.  He was proud of his men and women.  He even teared up when he told how difficult it was as a leader to tell your troops its time to do battle and we don’t know what to expect but we are ready for it.    They were well trained, well prepared and they delivered.  The policemen were even polite.

They allowed the protesters to protest orderly and they guided their path allowing them to exercise their first amendments rights but not to violate.   I am impressed.  They gave new meaning to law and order.  You can add polite and firm.

What did you think of the Chicago police during the NATO Summit?


So, now that we know you know how to do what you do , let’s see it everyday on the streets for the citizens of Chicago.


Bravo Superintendent McCarthy and Chicago’s   finest for a job well done.

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