It is difficult being a Black male teen these days.  You can get shot being in the wrong place at the wrong time doing something very ordinary like walking or driving.    It is upon parents to keep their children safe.

Parents must  have a man to man conversation with their sons to warn them of the streets so that they can stay safe.  What do you tell your black boy?

  1. Tell him not to be loud, especially when there are three or more.
  2. Tell him if he is stopped by the police for any reason to keep  his hands up.
  3. Tell him if he is driving, to keep his hands on the wheel unti the officer asks him out of the car.
  4. Tell him he is safer with a shirt and tie on than he is in jeans and a hoodie
  5. Tell him to be polite at all times with adults
  6. Tell him to text you his whereabouts.
  7. Tell hm what to do if he gets in trouble and can’t find a parent. Have an emergency plan
  8. Tell him not to be confrontational
  9. Tell him to watch the company he keeps
  10. Tell him the police are afraid of him.

What do you suggest you tell Black boys to keep them safe?



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