In the March primary election, Mr. Apathy won.  It was the lowest voter turn out in 70 years. Less than 30 per cent of the population voted.  The minority is ruling.  People are disinterest in politics for a lot of reasons.  The candidates are not motivating and inspiring.    People are frustrated and sick and tired of politicians.  The politicians are not a trusted group.

Facebook, and twitter  have replaced the old precinct captain.  People do not feel connected to the politician.  The real  issues are not being addressed.  The precinct captain of yesterday knocked on your door and asked for your vote.  Who is asking for the vote these days?  The mailers and robo phone calls are  more of a nuisance and turn off than anything.  The precinct captain was friendly and might have even taken you to the polls.  He or she might have even promised you a new garbage can, or street light or helped  you get your kid in school.

The absence of the precinct captain killed the patronage system, but it may have also killed voting itself.  People are tired of the political  lie, the handshake, the show up for the campaign days only and then return to and hide in your office after elected.

People await the politician who will deliver as he promised.  And now when the pundits predict the elections and the consultants provide council to the candidate the formula must include the actual voting turnout.    It is one thing wining with 25 percent of the vote, it is another winning with 50 percent of the vote and it is another when you win with 90 percent of the vote.


Voters are not voting.  Politicians are winning by default, not mandate.  Mr. Apathy won the election.

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