The Motto: Love,Peace, & Soul.

The Motto: Love,Peace, & Soul.

We were all truly hit with a blow this morning with reports of Soul Train Creator Don Cornelius' s alleged suicide.

And this is day one of Black History Month, what a way it to start off, huh?

It is disheartening to see a huge contribution to Black History and creatives gone. In 2010,  Cornelius spoke with excitement during an interview with the Los Angeles Times about a developing film that would focus on some of the things that went on during the show -- a biographical look at the 'Soul Train' project.

In 2011, Don Cornelius  returned to Chicago, his hometown, where he was honored with a street named after him, during Soul Train's 40th Anniversary concert. N'Digo printed images and coverage of the ceremony.

I'm not sure if you all are aware, but Bounce TV launched last year and dedicates its programming to African Americans. 'Soul Train' is a huge part of their programming and is on frequently.

Watching it the other night, brings about laughter and 90s memories of what music was like during that time. Episodes even appear that date back to the 70s, when the show was created. Recently, I was able to catch Soul Train when the LaBelles were performing LOL! Classic. Patti had it then, and definitely still has it now.

Soul Train just felt good!

With his passing, there's a part of Don that will be here on earth forever. No one can erase or take away what he provided for the African American community.

The message was clear: Love. Peace. Soul.

And though you never really and truly know what a person is dealing with internally, when the cameras stop recording and the lights dim -- when they are in the sole confinements of what they call home, we can only hope and pray that it's not as bad as they may think it is.

We can only pray.

And within that prayer take heed to his motto and genuinely live it .

Love, Peace, and Soul is more than just a phrase. It must be a way of life.

Rest in Peace and Love Don Cornelius.

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