The Chicago Hip-Hop Renaissance

Hello N'DIGO readers! This is your man B.J. I have been missing in action due to a lot of excitement in my own personal life and in the city I love so dearly Chicago. The editors at N'DIGO have given me the opportunity to address you good people with my views on my areas of expertise; culinary arts , hospitality and  my all-time favorite subject music. So that is what today's post is about music but not just any music , Chicago Hip Hop is the topic. I am majoring in Music Business Management at Columbia College Chicago   and I am also an aspiring artist myself follow me on Twitter @BJtaughtme & @THFgde(shameless plug) . Because of these factors I am always paying tons of attention to the latest trends and changes in the game. Over the course of the last year or so Chicago has been stepping into the spotlight as one of the premier cities in the industry.

For as long as I could remember we had been over shadowed by cities like New York , Memphis and Atlanta but now we are a major factor.  We have always had heavy hitters like Kanye & Common who have been doing their thing for years but now the underground of the Chi is emerging. Columbia's record label @AEMMPHipHop is making its mark on this renaissance. The label is set to release a compilation mixtape this spring called Class President which is produced by a young producer named Thelonious Martin and will have features from  a cast of buzzing young Chicago stars. The project will have tracks from Legit, Chance the Rapper , Haile , The Boy Illinois & F.A. the squad, 10ille ,GLC and Naledge.  This comes at a time when there are tons of artists from our city starting to get their shine from fans and industry "big shots." My personal list of favorites that I cosign are ToneDiesel, Chin Chilla Meek , King Louie , Rockie Fresh , Sir Micheal Rocks , Kemet, and all the rest of the artists I mentioned on the Class President tape so please be aware that Chicago is on the verge of becoming the epicenter of the HipHop game. Then remember B.J. taught you that.

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