Chicago Loves Eric Roberson!

When Eric Roberson hits the stage he carries such a charisma, that the energy dances through the atmosphere. His vocal range and intonations make his lyrics even sweeter in a live and intimate performance.

A Chicago favorite, Erro, his band, and Blue Erro Soul/Purpose Music Group/eOne Music team came through the Chi last week for a Hip-Hop/ Neo-Soul fused session at The Shrine Chicago.

The iconic venue recently turned two and is known for hosting mainstream artists, music legends, and highlighting independent gems. From the aesthetic, to the drinks, and music, Chicago’s influencers and socialites provide the perfect décor and complement the hip-hop gallery that provides a scenic wall.

Guest DJ Jesse De La Pena provided a well-welcomed soundtrack to get folk moving and socializing by intermixing reggae-tone with hip hop hits and dabbing them with a touch of the classics.

Following a spoken word performance from Harold Green, the host for the night, Eric, a.k.a “Mister Nice Guy” hit the stage around 11pm and even though we all knew we had to report to the work grind in the A.M. none of us were going to miss an Eric Roberson performance.

The second he was spotted all attention was on the stage. The band drew in the crowd playing the instrumentals to ‘She Couldn’t Hear Me’ from his 2003 “The Vault: Vol. 1” album. The energy swooned the crowd and his vocals were on point. Mixing in the groove of 80s group, U.S.’s “Da Butt” made popular for Spike Lee’s “School Daze” film, got the VIP sections out of our seats and onto our feet enjoying the vibe.

“Borrow You”, from the album Music Fan First, was delivered in a flirtacious manner and was clearly a crowd favorite –definitely one of my favorite joints by Erro—the singer interacted with the ladies and gave a little improvisational conversation during the song performance.

He hit the crowd with the J Dilla produced, “Pretty Girl” (Detroit, “What up doe!” –that’s home J), which offered a smooth segue into “Where Do We Go”, his female complimentary single  featuring Phonte “Picture Perfect” and then straight into what he themed: “The Sexy Section” of the show.

Speaking to the couples in the building and those maybe on the first date, he asked the men to hold their ladies/dates real tight, then followed the band with his vocals into the lyrics of “Softest Lips” fused with the classic  “Tender love” by Force M.D.  Everyone was singing along, hips swayed and fingers snapped to the familiar tune.

It was all a really good time!

Of course, he couldn’t leave the set without his usual song freestyle when he comes up with a song on the spot after receiving words thrown at him from the audience. The interaction and playfulness on stage really got everyone involved. We laughed, danced, and sang along.

Make sure to support Erro’s music!

Video! Eric Roberson Performs: Couldn't Hear Me


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