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When the records stop spinning

What about when the funeral is over? The casket is closed and the ground has settled on her mother’s grave? When the calls stop coming? The sympathy cards stop flowing in and the media has a new topic of interest? What about those moments when Bobbi Kristina is alone and her reality begins to crash... Read more »

Whitney's Life Lessons

  Whitney Houston’s live is a shinning example of many things.  She appeared to be on top of the world with talent, beauty and pain. After the show lights were out, she was  hurting. Saturday’s funeral showed her from home, her home church, her roots, where it all began and concluded.  She was rooted in... Read more »

The Chicago Hip-Hop Renaissance

Hello N’DIGO readers! This is your man B.J. I have been missing in action due to a lot of excitement in my own personal life and in the city I love so dearly Chicago. The editors at N’DIGO have given me the opportunity to address you good people with my views on my areas of... Read more »


Whitney Houston’s voice was one of the most beautiful ever.  She emoted with a rare pureness, any love song was hers.  Her voice was stellar as it lingered.     Her performance of a love song made you stand still and perhaps even shed a tear from the sheer power and quality  of her voice.    She... Read more »

The Soul Train Impact

The death of Don Cornelius was major news.  I wonder if Cornelius himself realized his place on the American scene.    His impact was powerful with multiple dimensions.    Without a doubt he took Black music mainstream.    He gave contemporary artists   a TV platform that was little to non-existing.  Every now and then you saw James Brown,... Read more »


Today in Walmart my most hated store ever, my daughter kept putting items in the cart after I told her that I only wanted to spend 60.00 dollars but when the total came to 91.97 and I looked at her she stated ” Calm down you got it”. That’s right I got it not you... Read more »

(1945) Tuskegee Airmen

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This clip which is probably the 1st story made of the Tuskegee Airman and narrated by Ronald Reagan.  It’s very enjoyable and interesting.

Love Moods

My book of contemporary love poetry is available on KINDLE, it makes for a perfect Valentine’s gift.   Here’s a review.   This review is from: Love Moods (Kindle Edition) Hermene’s breakout poetry book is wonderful. It’s funny, smart, powerful and passionate. The poems are even sometimes magical. I am so glad I got a... Read more »

Chicago Loves Eric Roberson!

Chicago Loves Eric Roberson!
When Eric Roberson hits the stage he carries such a charisma, that the energy dances through the atmosphere. His vocal range and intonations make his lyrics even sweeter in a live and intimate performance. A Chicago favorite, Erro, his band, and Blue Erro Soul/Purpose Music Group/eOne Music team came through the Chi last week for... Read more »

Love! Peace! and Soul!

The death of Soul Train founder Don Cornelius has shocked many but left many more confused as to why the celebrated Chicagoan would take his own life. Social networking sites have been buzzing about Cornelius; the general public has been extremely critical and judgmental. As if he was not the pioneer of the black music... Read more »