Pearl Harbor: Remembering A United America

The attack on Pearl Harbor (called Hawaii Operation or Operation AI by the Japanese Imperial General Headquarters (Operation Z in planning) and the Battle of Pearl Harbor) is being remembered today on its 70th anniversary.
Many are familiar with the battle that was the turning point and also ignited America’s involvement in World War ll. There have been movies about the event (Pearl Harbor- starring Ben Affleck and Josh Hartnett). There have been books and even pictures detailing the gruesome attack at the Hawaiian base. Within in that horrific attack 2,402 were killed and 1,247 wounded. Out of the civilian causalities 57 were killed and 35 wounded.
As the result President Roosevelt issued war on the Empire of Japan calling December 7th as “a day which will live in infamy.”
Though we lost many innocent men and women that day it was also a day that America became united as one. It was a day we were “indivisible” and fought in the name of those victims. War is irrelevant to this day. Remembering this day isn’t about World War ll. It isn’t about Pearl Harbor even. It’s about remembering every single one of those people who died and also remembering that America stood strong and united. Something that we have recently lost. There are countless of videos online about primary accounts of the few survivors we have today. Be informed! Don't let this part of our history die out with them. Remember our unity as a people. So today in honor of our historical union think about how America is shaped today as a whole and ask yourself is this the America I dreamed for? HONOR THE WARRIOR NOT THE WAR.


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  • This is nonsense.

    A "united America"...really???

    Ask the millions of Asian-Americans, and specifically the decedents of the hundreds of thousands of Japanese-Americans who were sent to internment camps after Pearl Harbor.

    Ask the German-Americans and Italian-Americans who were discriminated against soon after the 1939 Pact of Steel that united Hitler and Mussolini.

    Ask Jewish Americans about the rise in antisemitism from Americans convinced the Jewish lobby was pushing America into the war in Europe.

    This post misses the point completely. Pearl harbor did not united America. WWII produced some of the highest racial and ethnocentric views of any time period.

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    In reply to gwill:

    She's talking about what we can do to positively shape our society-it's never been perfect. Not then and certainly not now. The one thing we can do (to positively impact our nation) is to move forward and hopefully keep with us important remnants of the past. Like she says in the last few statements "ask yourself is this the America I dreamed for?" Your points are relevant but don't be a pretentious ass. She's not specifically talking about racism here. It's all about seeing past those cultural dividers and moving us as a whole-towards a better future. And by the way, if you feel strongly about Pearl Harbor not uniting America-then go make a change-do something about it. Start your own revolution instead of calling someone else's attempt "nonsense."

  • In reply to Raven Redclash:

    "She's talking about what we can do to positively shape our society"

    If she wanted to talk about this^^^ then she should have talked about this. Instead, she erroneously used Pearl Harbor, on the anniversary day, as her only example, which turns out to be a monstrously defective example and does more to disprove her entire point than to supplement anything being offered. I'm not sure why this is so hard to quantify. This is History 101. Her argument is shredded and cleaved by using the topic of the post. Her whole misguided argument is that she *thinks* America was united after Pearl Harbor and she *thinks* it's not as united today and therefore she *thinks* we should try to get back as a country to when we were supposedly united just after Pearl Harbor…huh? There are so many spurious suppositions in that line of thinking that it would make a child with elementary reading comprehension skills go into a convulsion.

    By the way, I reserve the right to call something "nonsense" when that thing, in plain fact, does not make any sense. How else would you like me to describe it? Little sense? Marginally sensible? She's a big girl, my words shouldn't be a problem. And speaking of not making any sense, your comment is Exhibit B after this post. You bring up this nugget, “It's all about seeing past those cultural dividers and moving us as a whole-towards a better future.” In this one sentence you acknowledge I am right but also undermine her argument of looking to the past (ie, looking to America just after Pearl Harbor). Your comment doesn’t make any sense because I doubt this was what you intended to do.

    Lastly, I may be a pretentious ass, but I also get laid a lot. Try it more it will give you wings.

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    In reply to gwill:

    Dear goodness, this is painful. I'm laughing at how idiotic you truly sound. First, I may have actually agreed with your points if you hadn't come off as such a narcissistic ass. Particularly with the whole "I get laid a lot," bit-Yeah, I'm sure you do, that's precisely why you felt obligated to state it in the first place. Nice job. How bout we stay on topic, shall we? She's giving her opinion on what she thinks we should remember about Pearl Harbor. Her own opinion. Sure there are many sides to the concept, but there are better ways to state your own opinion without coming off as a belligerent asshole. Yes, I believe we should remember the Asian-americans, the German-americans, Italian-americans etc. But as it was, this article was posted in commemoration of those people that sacrificed their own lives and died for us on that day. Your points are *relevant* (and I use that term loosely) but are rendered ineffectual and useless because you're missing the entire point. Stop looking for an argument when there isn't one. The end.

  • In reply to Raven Redclash:

    Raven Redclash, you and I both know you're enjoying this. If it was truly "painful," you would have gone to bed.

    Three points to consider while you're recovering from your "pain":

    1.) Everyone is free to give an opinion. But if that opinion is a factual and historical misrepresentation and doesn't make any sense, expect someone to respond.

    2.) If you think my comments seem belligerent or pretentious, what would you think of someone who calls a stranger on a blog an asshole, an ass, and idiotic...?

    3.) Besides getting laid, I'm also exceedingly good-looking.

  • I understand all of the prejudicies and discrimation from the wars in general. But the point of the article was to show people that even in a crisis we were a collective and we have lost it because of our fear of those who arent considered "american". i couldve added that part, yes, but people already know about it, and they turn a blind eye to it, i want them to question the path america is heading into now. Thanks for your comment. the fact that you actually know about the injustices is great to know because that means that its something you strongly care about and fight for.

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