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Marcus Chapman: S.T.A.R. The Cult of Personality

Marcus Chapman: S.T.A.R. The Cult of Personality
Rock The Mic. The voice never leaves you if they’re that good. The songs become the background to the personality, a bonus, if you will, to an on-air experience. That was urban radio back in the day at its most pinnacle moments. And MC Marcus Chapman was on the come-up. The location, the world’s Windy... Read more »

Christmas List 2011!

If I were Santa,   here is   list of presents I would pull out of the bag for this year’s newsmakers. Happy Holidays to all of you from the N’DIGO family! Donald Trump           A debate with President Obama Simon Cowell             A heart Kim... Read more »

GEANCO FOUNDATION: $60,000 Closer To A Dream Come True!

Syesha Mercado performs at the Health and Hope for Africa concert gala at the Museum of Science and Industry on December 3, 2011
                   H E A L T H  &   H O P E A selfless act of fundraising, building, and providing support to those who may never experience the material enhances and privileges that some of us may have the opportunities to possess, truly goes a long way. The greatest risk people can ever take is... Read more »

Bring a Bulb, Ring A Bell on 66th King Drive.

On Sunday, December 18 at 6:00 p.m.  all are invited to 66th and King Drive for a unique Christmas Tree lighting.  Bring a bulb for the tree, in recognition of the 418 murders (to date)  that have been committed in the City of Chicago.    You are also invited to ring a bell for donations... Read more »

Carl Thomas! 'Conquer' of Emotion

Carl Thomas! 'Conquer' of Emotion
  There’s something about the smooth richness of R&B recording artist, Carl Thomas’ voice that stimulates the ear and rattles the soul. His tone is filled with emotion and releases soothing harmonies. It just feels good. For those who may need to become reacquainted with the multi-platinum selling singer/songwriter, after signing with Bad Boy Entertainment... Read more »

Christmas at the White House!

Last Friday, December 9, I lived a historic day. I visited the White House along with my friend, Reginald Torian. WE were guests of President Barrack Obama and MIchelle at a Christmas party. The White House is beautiful. Everything is letter perfect. The flowers were absolutely gorgeous. The Christmas trees studies in decoration. The food... Read more »

Here is the ABC News report on ProjectHood…

Death on the Streets Prompts a Life on the Roof

Check out the New York Times/Chicago Cooperative report on ProjectHood …

Chicago Pastor Camps Out Against Violence

Take a look at the report from the Associated Press…

Team Sye! A Heart For Art & Life

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“I’ve always been the type of person that wanted to change people and touch their lives. That’s what I love about singing and theatre.” -Syesha Mercado, N’Digo 2010   There are very few in the entertainment industry that are genuine when sharing their gift and delivering a positive message to the world through their given talent.... Read more »