Christmas at the White House!

Last Friday, December 9, I lived a historic day. I visited the White House along with my friend, Reginald Torian. WE were guests of President Barrack Obama and MIchelle at a Christmas party. The White House is beautiful. Everything is letter perfect. The flowers were absolutely gorgeous. The Christmas trees studies in decoration. The food was a magnificent buffet spread. Everything was ...deliciou...s, turkey, beef, ham, salmon and fresh garden vegetables. Michelle is showcasing fresh good food, just like she would at home. The wine and the champagne flowed. It was a grand party. About 300 people from all over were on hand, ready for 2012.

The parlor rooms, the red, the blue and the yellows rooms are exqusitie, very tastefully done. You realize as you look at the portraits of past Presidents -- Clinton, Johnson, Ford, Reagan, Carter and the first ladies Jacqueline, Nancy, Hillary, Lady Byrd, and Betty that you are staring history in the face. WE owe deep gratitutde to Jacquline Kennedy for her remodeling of the White House Rooms. I strolled through the rooms and Reggie, found the food and seats, suggesting let's eat and stroll later.
Military bands and college choral groups performed in the hallways.

A highlight of our day was before we went to the White House. We left the airport going directly to the King Monument. It was a spring like day, perfect for walking the mall. Reggie is the lead singer with The Impressions and they were on the program for the opening of the King monument. He was familiar with the grounds. He pointed out the triangle with The Jefferson, Lincoln and King monument. Indeed it is a historical triangle. As we walked we saw a helicopter, it was the President arriving. I just thought it was a helicopter. Reggie recognized as the Presidential helicopter because it was too low. Do you realize where we are? He started singing "People Get Ready," a helicopter is coming.

We walked as far as we could to the White House, until my four inch heels wore out. We stood in line patiently, and got our assisgnment for photos with the First Couple. The President was happy to see home folk. As I was announced, The President announced me to Michelle. President Barack Obama is regal in his officialness. Cool and warm at the same time. He and Reggie discussed the possiblity of a Soul Train show at The White House. . He liked the idea and said to Michelle, let's bring it. Michelle and I hugged and I teared a bit. She was beautiful in a white dress with gold accessories. We compared work out notes. We still have the same trainer, Cornell McCullom .

It was a magical day and a day to remember. Great to see your friends in The White House. Good company. 2012.


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