Carl Thomas! 'Conquer' of Emotion

Carl Thomas! 'Conquer' of Emotion
Carl Thomas delivers a well-rounded sophisticated fourth album! A must-have :)


There’s something about the smooth richness of R&B recording artist, Carl Thomas’ voice that stimulates the ear and rattles the soul. His tone is filled with emotion and releases soothing harmonies.

It just feels good.

For those who may need to become reacquainted with the multi-platinum selling singer/songwriter, after signing with Bad Boy Entertainment in 1997, his name became household after the release of 1999’s single “I Wish” which was followed with Thomas’ April 2000 debut album, Emotional.

Since the success of Emotional, charting at No. 2 on the R&B Chart, Top 20 on the Billboard 200, and selling nearly two million copies, worldwide; Thomas endured a great deal of pain as a result of losing his brother in 2004, on the eve of his sophomore release, Let’s Talk About It. That travesty took a lot from Thomas and at that time he decided to step away from writing and recording.

His hiatus from the industry would last for a while but couldn’t fully keep him away from his way of release, recording music. 2007 marked resurgence and we were given, “So Much Better” an independent recording made for “fun” that just so happened to hit the top 50 on the Billboard 200 chart.

From success to endured pain grew a greater passion for creating. Which leads us to the latest R&B soul works from Carl Thomas, ‘Conquer’, released on Verve Forecast and available now!

With heavy fan anticipation for the next album from the singer, Carl knew that it was time.

“I definitely believe in timing and I felt like it was just the right season to do it,” he says during our phone chat. “I spent quite a bit of time working on the new album and refocusing my creative energies.”

So, for the folk who may feel “‘Aww, he ain’t been doing nothing!’” his response is simply filled with laughter, stating:

“I have been growing and making music. [Conquer is] a collection of songs brought together because I was convinced that this is the progression and growth that my fans would like to hear from me.”

Conquer offers a romantic platform of 11 intimate tracks laced with an element of hip hop and production from Rico Love, Andre Harris, Rex Rideout and a written record from the late hip-hop icon Heavy D.

“The most exciting part about making this album was the anticipation of giving it to the fans,” expresses Carl. “There’s really no story to this. This is just me saying, ‘ok, Carl, what do you think your fans would be interested in?’ and that’s really where it came from.”

And we have missed him. This compilation offers a flirty sophisticated existence with influences from an era where musicians created and competed for a place in history…melodies that would become everlasting.

“I was heavily influenced by the entire MTV revolution era (1981) because, it was weird, they weren’t competing for the best songs, they were competing for the best historic melody for the time,” he explains.

“On this album you can hear a lot of influences from the ‘80s and me starting to come up with catchy melodies that are going to last for so long.”

Although, “Don’t Kiss Me” is the lead single reminiscent of his original romantic style, (and one of my favorites on the album!), Thomas admits that “Running”, written by one of his best friends is the track that really struck a powerful chord with him as it deals with a tragic situation he was helping his friend through.

“I just happened to be recording the album at the time and told him that this was incredible, you have to let me sing this record because people need to hear this and be reminded of their vulnerabilities and be encouraged. It was just a blessing to record.”

With Conquer, Thomas keeps it fresh with his signature vocal style and showcases that even through the pain and re-gathering of self, “success lies within your best expression.” For him, an artist stamping his own blueprint in the industry, writing and recording music suits him perfectly.

“I’ve realized that I don’t have to write by rules. I can exist outside of format,” he shares. It’s a really great freedom to have as a musician. You can follow your own blueprint.”

Maybe it’s the honesty and vulnerability that peaks through in his music but Carl Thomas has a way of painting the ambiance and getting the set right for a cozy evening.

Whatever it is, Conquer is a must-have treat for Carl Thomas fans and those who enjoy the vibe of good solid R&B…to be loved, to lose love, and to conquer it all again through, well, love.

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Enjoy Beautifulz!  :)


Other Suggested Tracks:

Round 2- sultry and seductive

It Ain’t Fair –irrestibly beautiful: an ode to the beauty of women

It is what it is—Written By Heavy D!  upbeat groove

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