Bring a Bulb, Ring A Bell on 66th King Drive.

On Sunday, December 18 at 6:00 p.m.  all are invited to 66th and King Drive for a unique Christmas Tree lighting.  Bring a bulb for the tree, in recognition of the 418 murders (to date)  that have been committed in the City of Chicago.    You are also invited to ring a bell for donations to the cause.   Refreshments will be served in the church. 

Pastor Corey Brooks of New Beginnings Church has been "occupying" the roof of the boarded up Super Motel  directly across from his church, where drugs and prostitution are  active.  Brooks  wants to buy the hotel for $450,000 and develop it  into a recreation/educational center.  In doing so, he realizes it will be an improvement to the neighborhood and will make a positive impact on the local  youth.    To date he has raised $65,000.

Pastor Brooks got his fill  of the youth murders after burying 11 young black males under the age of 25 years old in this calendar year.  His protest began after the last funeral, where he collected four guns at the service. Enough.  I met him on a radio show.  He was compelled into action and has been living  in a tent on the roof for  weeks.  His cause is nobel and right.  We cannot continue to go to the   murder sites  of our children with stuffed animals and candles and pray.    Brooks thinks we have become immune to youth murders, as we listen to the war zone type reports daily on the evening news.  Rev. James Meeks has joined him on the roof for a night.  Men are coming on Wednesday evenings in support.  Occupy Chicago came and went.  The community in this area  was the real 99%.

Change.  It is time for change.  Drastic change.  Boarded buildings can house  after school programs.  I personally don't think Brooks should pay $450,00o for the boarded up building.  I think it should be donated to him to redevelop along with a city tiff.  Mayor Daley gave the resturant in Millenium Park a lot of relief with exemptions from normal business expenses.  Mayor Emanuel is reconsidering the great business deal. The point is if a resturant can be exempt why can't a destroyed vacant building with drug adicts and prostitutes be removed from the community for improvement.    Pastor Brooks says we need a new beginning.

The Christmas Tree will be placed in front of the hotel entrance.    Bring a bulb, ring a bell.  


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