Ain't I a Woman?

Sojourner Truth, a former slave, women’s rights activist and abolitionist spoke those very words, “Aint I a woman?” during a impromptu speech. Today, the term “Aint I a woman seems like it should be asked every time any girl or woman is treated any less than what she’s supposed to be treated.

What ever happened to the chivalrous gentlemen? The man who held the door for a woman, pulled out her chair, took care of all the finances, respected all he women in his life an respected the meaning and cherished all aspects of women?

It makes you want to ask, “Aint I a woman”
At work, women shouldn’t have to be harassed about why they have to go to the restroom so much. Aint I a woman, don’t I get cramps, Don’t I get bloated? Why are you so angry woman? I’m not always angry, Aint I a woman? Have you ever heard of premenstrual syndrome, don’t you have a mother? Sister? Daughter?

Aint I a woman? I do want to have children one day. I know we’ve fought for equal rights but why must you expect me to do such heavy lifting, aint I a woman? Aint I here to have healthy children? But how can I do that when men aren’t men anymore, I’m taking on tasks that you “Men” are here for. Aint I a woman?

I have the right to be tired after a long day of work, aint I a woman? Aint I a woman? We’re emotional, so I would appreciate if you didn’t use that kind of vulgar language when addressing me. Aint I a woman, can you hold the door for me please, what about take the garbage out, its dark and there are crazy people in the city, aint I a woman? Aint I a mother? Aint I a sister? Aint I a wife. Respect for women doesn’t seem to exist during contemporary times. Women have stop being allowed excuses and exceptions because we’re women. Because we’re stronger, more independent and less dependent on males, they have now completely taken us out of the category of delicate and look at us as 100% equals.

Aint I a woman, I’m on birth control that doesn’t always have the best affect on how I’m feeling that day, this doesn’t mean I have an attitude, it simply means I’m not in the mood because I don’t feel well. There are so many aspects of the female anatomy that will allow a perfectly good day turn into a dreadful one for any woman because we go through so many changes internally. It is not that I am bitter, angry or mad for no reason, its because I’m a woman, and we were made special, we go through a lot of things mentally, physically and emotionally, and we need as much understanding as possible. Aint I a woman?

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