Stop-Loss Policy

Stop loss policy. A term not familiar with many but it originates after the ban of drafting. A form of keeping men and women in the military service involuntary, this clause has snuck itself into many contracts that hinder a soldier’s life. At any moment they may be called past their contracted time and become obligated to serve. Created shortly after the Persian Gulf War and remerged post 9/11 attacks. Stop loss policy is waning but still a problem.
Critics have called "stop-loss" a backdoor draft because it keeps troops in the military beyond their retirement or re-enlistment dates. But the military has said it's a necessary tool to keep unit cohesion in times of war and to keep soldiers with certain skills needed in those units.
Soldiers and their families strongly dislike stop-loss and it was the title of a 2008 Hollywood movie in which a soldier who served in Iraq goes AWOL rather than following orders to stay longer in the service and go again. Soldiers with PTSD are also affected. On man who was cleared from his PTSD was under the stop-loss policy. PTSD victims, who are recovering, should not be required to heed the stop-loss policy.

Though, throughout the years the military has been receding the policy it seems that it will always be there, sneaking in at the most inopportune times, pulling families apart, destroying a person from the inside and causing AWOLs and even suicides just to escape going back to war.

Is it not enough that our women and men volunteer to sign up? Is it not enough that they go overseas away from their families? Now the military wants to take their freedom and obligate them beyond their compromise with the military and force war upon them. This would be considered a type of drafting that shouldn’t be tolerated and Congress needs to pass a law abolishing this policy and instead thanking the men and women who serve freely and bravely for causes that though may be affecting us as a people are usually wars between government pride and ego. HONOR THE WARRIOR NOT THE WAR.


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