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Stop-Loss Policy

Stop loss policy. A term not familiar with many but it originates after the ban of drafting. A form of keeping men and women in the military service involuntary, this clause has snuck itself into many contracts that hinder a soldier’s life. At any moment they may be called past their contracted time and become... Read more »


Well, I’m still here, still on the rooftop, still hoping, still praying and still needing HELP! Today has been a a very thought provoking day.  I didn’t sleep well, but for some strange reason was reminded of a sailor man whose pulse would race, his blood pressure would sky rocket and his anger would begin... Read more »

The Journey to the Roof...

We Protested and Prayed every weekend from 9:00pm - 2:00am until it was SHUT DOWN!!!
In this gallery, you’ll find just a short pictorial of what the journey looked like to get to the roof.  I’m anxious to show you the end of the journey by coming down soon! Please HELP by donating to …every little bit counts. Pastor Corey Brooks

OCCUPY KING DR - Conversations with the Mayor Part 3 Day 6

Earlier today, I was pleasantly surprised when Mayor Rahm Emanuel called me.  He was very encouraging and spoke highly of our radical move to bring attention to the excessive violence in the south side communities of Woodlawn and Englewood. I received the mayor’s call while still on the rooftop of this abandoned motel across the... Read more »

OCCUPY KING DR - A Pastor's view from the Roof - Part 2 Day 6

It’s been 15 days fasting without food, only drinking water; 6 days and counting, living on the rooftop of an abandoned motel in the cold, rain and now some snow. This morning I was reading twitter messages and I came across a tweet by LL Cool J that expresses my sentiment, he quoted John Churton... Read more »

OCCUPY KING DRIVE - A Pastor's view from the ROOF-Part 1 Day 4

Since this is my first blog, let me introduce myself, my name is Pastor Corey Brooks, and I pastor New Beginnings Church of Chicago, located at 6620 S Martin Luther King Dr. It is amazing what you can see when you rise above adversity; and since I am living in a tent on the top... Read more »

OCCUPY KING DRIVE - Up on the Roof

Pastor Corey Brooks is living on the roof at 6625 south King Drive.
Last Friday, I cohosted the Cliff Kelly Show with my friend Melody Spann Cooper, The President of WVON.On a daily bases Pastor Corey Brooks calls in to give a report from The Roof.  I thought this was a joke at first. But became quite enthralled as I listened to Pastor Corey. Pastor Corey Brooks, the... Read more »

Maggie Daley a Magnificent Lady

We will miss the quiet charm of Mrs. Maggie Daley.  She was a quiet force. Some people teach us through their lives how to live. She taught us how to live, how to take on a challenge that is beyond you and she taught us how to die. When you talk about the Mayor and... Read more »

Media vs. Women

It’s crazy how music can touch a person. It can make you go through so many emotions within one song if the song is orchestrated correctly. The gift of being able to create or present music is one of the greatest gifts a person could have. Creators of music are given the opportunity to control... Read more »

Hey! It's Time to "Celebrate" :-)

Hey! It's Time to "Celebrate" :-)
Jean-Norris Baylor, formerly one-half of the successful 90s duo, Zhané, is excited to share her music and message with family and friends this holiday season. Her new 6-track Christmas EP, “Light Up The World” is scheduled for a digital iTunes release this Thanksgiving (tomorrow 🙂 )! And believe me, this is not your typical Christmas... Read more »