OCCUPY KING DRIVE - Up on the Roof

Last Friday, I cohosted the Cliff Kelly Show with my friend Melody Spann Cooper, The President of WVON.On a daily bases Pastor Corey Brooks calls in to give a report from The Roof.  I thought this was a joke at first. But became quite enthralled as I listened to Pastor Corey.

Pastor Corey Brooks, the pastor of New Beginning Church is occupying the roof at 6625 Souh King Drive.  His crusade is about the killings of our youth.  This year he has buried  10 young black men under the age of 25 years old.  The last funeral was the last straw.  Shooting took place outside the church during the funeral.    He asked the young men to turn in their guns and four did.  We are watching on a daily bases news reports of our children killing each other. Enough says Pastor Brooks.

He has 21 days to purchase the land at 6625 King drive.  It is an old hotel where drug activity, prostution and the like take place,directly across the street from his church.  He wants to purchase the property to turn it into a recreational center to take youth off the street and to provide business opportunities.

After the radio show, I viisted with Pastor Brooks on the roof.  I wanted to witness his one man crusade. He is on the roof in a comfortable tent with heaters.  He has a bed and a sleeping bag.  He has his lap top and men of the church are providing for him.  Rev. James Meeks is visiting with him daily and has provided a nutritionist to see that his fasting goes well.

I have invited Pastor Books to join NDIGO VOICES, in a daily blog, just like the guest at the Museum of Science and Industry as they live in the museum.

Pastor Books is engaging in non violent social action to bring attention to a problem in our community that is out of control.  Violence.  Youth killings and abandoned buildings.  The building should be torn down and the land should be given to Pastor Brooks for development.  The city ought to pay him to take it  if he wants to clean up the neighborhood.  It is a serious eyesore and an area where crime feeds.  On Sundays Pastor Brooks is delivering his message from the tent in a live stream.

The downtown occupy protesters ought to join Pastor Brooks on the roof or down on the ground. He has a purpose and a plan, that they could sign up form.   This is definitely  a part of the 99%. The politicians ought to visit him and seek solution.Other ministers should join him.  Black men everywhere ought to join him.   The police chief  and the mayor should visit him.

He is not crazy, he is real.  The killings in our community must stop.  He is addressing a real problem, in real time.  He is sick of youth funerals, crime and abandon builidngs.  He is looking for a new beginning.

What do you think of Pastor Brooks living on the roof?  Will you join him?

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