OCCUPY KING DR - Conversations with the Mayor Part 3 Day 6

Earlier today, I was pleasantly surprised when Mayor Rahm Emanuel called me.  He was very encouraging and spoke highly of our radical move to bring attention to the excessive violence in the south side communities of Woodlawn and Englewood.

I received the mayor's call while still on the rooftop of this abandoned motel across the street from my church, New Beginnings, at 6620 S King Dr.

The mayor was very enthusiastic and applauded our efforts and wished that more people would not only take a stand to bring attention to violence, but also take action against violence.  After speaking with him I know this can work, but it's going to take a collective effort by city officials and the community in order to see some significant change.

I was so encouraged by the mayor's final comment that "This will help all of us!"  I reiterated to him my intentions to stay on the roof until we are able to secure this abandoned building so that it can be turned into a community and economic development center.

I respect the mayor; he didn't have to call, but he did!  I told him how much I love the city of Chicago and look forward to working with him in the future and was appreciative of his time.  He, as well as I, are looking forward to a face to face meeting on the ground real soon.

It's moments like this, that you realize your work is not in vain.  In the words of the Apostle Paul, "...you will reap a harvest if you do not give up!"  And I don't plan on giving up any time soon!

Pastor Corey Brooks

You can follow me on Facebook at Corey Brooks or Pastor Corey Brooks (public page), email cbbrooks1@aol.com and Twitter @CoreyBBrooks.  Donations to further this cause are accepted via www.ProjectHOOD.org.  


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  • Dear Pastor, I want you to know that since your first day on the roof, I along with other members of Black Wall Street Chicago made a public post on Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's public Facebook Page that the Mayor reach out to you personally and offer his personal support as well as new Faith Based funding dollars coming to Chicago in 2012 and he is chairing that Chicago Conference.

    While Mayor Emanuel did not publicly acknowledge on public appeal to him on your behalf I was certainly glad to hear you report on Cliff Kelley's WVON show today that Mayor Emanuel DID in fact call you personally and offered his support, And please know that The Mayor CAN initiate TIF dollars and other city dollars to help you secure that site within your 21 day deadline of not getting you OFF that roof sooner!

    In addition to this new blog offered by my longtime friend Hermene Hartman, that I too have getting regular posts from your assistant Danielle and I have posted therm on all my e-blasts and news blog sites to continue the support for you.

    I and the members of Black Wall Street Chicago will continue to publicly lobby for support for you, and will be working with you when you finally get off that roof.

    Your Brother, Mark S. Allen

  • In reply to Marksallen:


    Have you visited Pastor Books on the rooftop. It is an awesome view. I hope you visit with him. The blogs are helpful. Can you imagine if Dr. King could have blogged about Selma or Mrs. Parks about sitting on the bus.

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