OCCUPY KING DR - A Pastor's view from the Roof - Part 2 Day 6

It’s been 15 days fasting without food, only drinking water; 6 days and counting, living on the rooftop of an abandoned motel in the cold, rain and now some snow.

This morning I was reading twitter messages and I came across a tweet by LL Cool J that expresses my sentiment, he quoted John Churton Collins, “In prosperity, our friends know us; in adversity, we know our friends.”

Since I've never had to live on the roof of an abandoned motel and I’ve never had to raise $450,000 to get rid of a community eyesore, I don’t know how to feel about where we are so far.  The only thing I can measure our commitment to the cause to is Black Friday, which yielded a total of $52 Billion dollars in sales, in just  one day and today, economists are expecting record sales for Cyber Monday (the beginning of online sales for Christmas).

At this point we have reached only 6.7% percent of our goal in six days.  So this has caused me to ask some questions...

  • Why is it so difficult to get people to come together for a cause that will benefit humanity?
  • Do you think that because it’s an inner city issue, that's why people don’t respond appropriately?
  • Have we become so hopeless and desensitized to young black males being killed that it no longer matters?
  • Are we as a people so materialistic that communal causes don’t motivate us to respond with compassion?
  • What would YOU do if the roles were switched at this moment and at this time?

By the way, I've done a few calculations and have concluded that at the giving rate to Project H.O.O.D. it would take a total of 84 more days to reach our goal of $450,000.  Having said this, I recognize that I will miss the following:

  • Christmas Eve, December 24
  • Christmas Day, December 25
  • Hanukkah, December 21
  • New Years Eve, December 31
  • New Years Day, January 1
  • My Birthday, January 9
  • Martin Luther King’s Birthday, January 16
  • My youngest son’s 11th Birthday, January 28
  • Groundhog Day, February 2
  • Valentine’s Day, February 14

I will be able to come down from the rooftop on February 20, Presidents Day and that’s only if we are able to negotiate a new contract for missing the initial deadline.

Now I can relate to the people stuck on a roof in New Orleans during the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, as they waved a white sheet with two words inscribed, “PLEASE HELP!”

Pastor Corey Brooks

You can help us help others by giving online at www.projecthood.org 
Connect with me on Facebook (Corey Brooks or Pastor Corey Brooks), Twitter (CoreyBBrooks) or email cbbrooks1@aol.com

View the WGN report:http://www.wgntv.com/news/wgntv-chicago-minister-camps-out-on-roof-chicago-minister-hoping-to-raise-funds-20111122,0,6777586.story


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    Because peole really don't care about it being closed and some don't consider it an eyesore. I asked the owner b4 Chicago was turned down for their Olymphic bid and he wanted to wait to see what wioll happened. It and the one down the street would have been the closest to washington Park. Yes, illicit acts happen there, but also at upscale Hotels. As far as I know, I haven't heard of anyone getting shot in that motel, and when it is torn down-just like other streets where motels were torn down-the hookers will still be out there, but they will be more likely doing it in a car(in public view) break in someones garge, vacant building, or stairway

  • I think with more community services change can occur. We can talk about what wont happen, but we dont know until an effort is put forth. We know and probably agree that change definitely wont happen if no one is willing to do anything, so I appreciate every effort to improve the conditions where my family and friends reside, work, and pass through.

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    Wow that's deep!...but who will do the work on the building?

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