Maggie Daley a Magnificent Lady

We will miss the quiet charm of Mrs. Maggie Daley.  She was a quiet force. Some people teach us through their lives how to live. She taught us how to live, how to take on a challenge that is beyond you and she taught us how to die.

When you talk about the Mayor and his wife Maggie, no matter your politics,you see a beautiful love story.  He smiled when you just asked about her.  She brightened as you talked about her husband.  She contributed greatly to this city.  Her work with the children in her After School Matters became a model.  She got it. She did it well.  She knew the children of Chicago needed somewhere to go, after school, to learn about the arts, to express themselves for their own personal development.  She gave them the opportunity.

On the evenings for the After School Matters Gala fundraisers , the children in their many forms, were the showcase of the evening.  The Gala was always at interesting places, like the O'Hara runway. Creative.  The last one was at Navy Pier. The childlren entertained.    It was their evening and it is always quite a perfomance, a real Braodway production.

Her program was an answer to the school problem, After school matters.  It engaged the kids with constructive activity.  Through their varioius art forms they produced prodcuts they made you smile and wanted to purchase.  She created jobs.

She made us proud. Always smiling, always asking about your family, always asking about you as a professional woman.  Are you taking care of yourself was a key question. She was kind and gentle and loving.  She made you forget the politics of the matter and you saw the good of giving, just because it was the right thing to do.

You didn't hear her complain through a tough illness.  She had health advice.  She was beautiful as she took on her health challenge. She took care of her family. Sunday was family day, even for the busy mayor.  She got to see her daughter married, with a lot of effort and planning.  She died on Thanksgiving day after dinner.

As we pay tribute to her tomorrow and weeks to come, I hope we remember her message and her essence. Family is important, chidlren matter.She was the perfect political wife.   Her program is a  model and should evolve to new heights.     I hope we name an appropriate institution after her.

Maggie was magnificent and will be missed. She gave us a beautiful charm and grace in her very own way.

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