I would like to introduce  a wonderful talent.  Her name is Zemrah. She is performing in concert at Prairie State College, on Saturday October 22. Tickets are $30. Call   318-ZEMARAH    Or   318 936 7241.

Q:  How did you start singing?

A:  I started singing in church at the age of 8 years old like most black singers.  I sung in Sunday School at the First Church  of Deliverance.

Q:  Where has your singing career taken you?

A:  I am now living my dream.  I allowed work to get in the way.

Q:  Tell me about your new CD.

A:  I am excited.   The new CD, Very Irresistible, is a remix and will be introduced the evening of the concert, October 22.I also  have new mangement.  I have been singing for many years and now I am looking for super clubs and high end venues.  I want to travel with my concert.  I hope to make the concert an annual event.  I am happy about the future of my music.  I see great things happening.  Its been a sweet ride.

Q:  Tell me about your concert, "Here's to Life"

A:  I love the song, which was done by the late Shirley Horn.  They lyrics are great.  People feel at a certain age, they have to stop.  I know that is not true. All of us have gifts.  I have not had vocal training, but I can sing.  You make what ever happen, happen.  I am now making it happen for me.  Joining me as host for the show, is. Reginald Torian, lead singer of The Impressions.  His presence and experience brings a wonderful flavor to the evening.

Q:  What do you communicate through your music?

A:  Jazz is back and you don't have to listen to screaming and hollering to get a message across.  My music is smooth, sensual and war.  I like being laid back.  I like lyrics, because lyrics have a message.  Jazz has a message.  I might take a contemporary song and jazz it up.

Q:  How would you describe your music?

A  Smooth and sultry.

Q:  Who is your favorite singer?

A:  Nancy Wilson, without a shadow of a doubt.  I opened for her about four years ago at the Country Club Hills venue.




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