Walter Payton's Book


Walter Payton’s Book


There is a new book on Walter Payton just released.  Payton, of course, is the all time, forever-great football player for the Bears.  He was faster than lightening and remains a Chicago hero.  He died 12 years ago from a rare cancer.

The biography reveals a dark side of Payton.  He took pain pills like candy for the aches and pains he encountered in the game.  Sweetness was not so sweet.  He was suicidal; he abused pain medication to the point of being addicted.  He was depressed and he was not a faithful husband as  projected.

All of the reveals about this super star might be true, but why now, after 12 years of his death destroy his hero status to his family and fans.

After he left the football field, sounds like life was not so pretty.  He was a man.  And as a man on top of his game, the women come and go and he suffered pain from the abuse on the field.   Maybe he could have handled it differently.  But it is what it is.

Nothing but nothing takes away the greatness and awesomeness of seeing Walter Payton on the football field.  He was magic and that is the image that remains in your mind.   He was poetry in motion.  Beauty running.  He had the wow factor.

He wasn’t perfect, but he remains greats. He was a man with faults, he built a great football legacy, that will be studied for years to come.  H e made history, and that’s how we will remember him, no mater what.  He held his public in high regard and his public should act accordingly in his death.

What he did in private, what his business and he paid the price.


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