Stella Foster Receives Life Time Achievement Award from Chicago Journalists Association

Stella Foster  was just celebrated by Chicago Journalists with the Lifetime Achievement Award.  Chicago’s entire media community turned out for her, in a  beautiful and befitting tribute last Friday (October  14)  evening at the Holiday Inn Chicago Mart Plaza.

Stella grew up in Englewood and went to Chicago Public Schools.  Upon the recommendation of her sister, Jamie Foster, the publisher of Sister to Sister, recommend her  to the late Irv  Kupcinent to become his secretary.    And the rest is history.    For 34 years she was his right hand and had a ball doing it.    Shortly after Kup’s death in 2003 she began to write the column with her own byline.   One of her  best columns ever was    Kup’s tribute to his wife, Essie, when she died.  Stella knew Kup so well, that she could write his words with ease.  They were seamless.

I am sure you read her on Tuesdays and  Thursdays in the Chicago Sun Times.     She gives us what she calls the “truth.”    She tells us about Chicago Celebes and keeps us in the know about national figures from entertainment to politics. She gives us scoops, to  shout outs.  There is no pretense with Stella. She is straightforward. She even remembers birthdays daily.

What is best about Stella is her friendship. She is a dear friend and she has many. She is encouraging, definite and most of all fun. At any party, if Stella is there, she is the light and the joy.  Her personality overwhelms.

Bravo Miss Estella Mae Foster.

Other honorees  included Lara Logan, Howard Reich was the Chicago Journalist of the Year, Mary Schmich and June Brigman were awarded the CJA Dale Messick Award.

All photos by Steve Starr.

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