Reginald Torian Hosts Zemrah in Concert - Saturday, October 22

Mr. Reginald Torian, lead singer, of The Impressions is hosting the evening, “Here’s To Life” Concert introducing   Zemrah.     She will introduce her new CD, “Irresistible Zemrah.”  The program is from 7 to 10 p.m. at Prarire State College,  Main Auditorium 202 South Halsted Street, Chicago Heights, Illinois.   Tickets are $30.  For more information  call  312 318 ZEMRAH

Q:  Why are you hosting this show?

A:  I am honored to be invited to host the evening. I wanted to be a part of her  dream come true.   Her desire is strong. I think this is a show that people will remember and will start her in a new  musical direction.   I know this will be a special evening.

Q:  How would you categorize her music?

A:   It is easy listening.  She chose a new take even on standard songs, especially “Neither One of Us.”   She has a beautiful jazz flavor.  Jazz allows you freedom with your voice and not all can accomplish the jazzy flavor.  If you enjoy jazz you will definitely enjoy her.  She has a little Nancy Wilson and Ella Fitzgerald in her.  It is easy to listen too.  Here's to Life is meaningful.  It is now.  She will touch your heart.

Q:  What do you think of her doing jazz?

She obviously loves music.  When you choose jazz you are choosing the love of a music. Jazz calls for a dedication to the art form.    Her presentation is significant.The concert will showcase her chops. She is ready to move to the next level.

Q:  From one artist to another what would you advise?

A:  To always go for what she hears and don’t be concerned if it doesn’t sound like what has been done before.   An artist  strives for originality. Her audience will look to her.   Always be true, don’t stop until you get it.

Q:  What is your participation  in the show?

A:  She has asked that I perform  an  Impressions,  classic , “People Get Ready.”

Q:  Will you do a duet?

A:  Maybe.



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