HerPanache's CEO Shareha Tackles Abuse & Homelessness

October is Domestic Abuse Awareness Month.  And for many, there are painful stories that go untold and hearts that remain wounded from unfortunate circumstances.

Shareha Adriann, CEO and Owner of HerPanache, an online shopping boutique with an intense product line of shoes, jewelry, and purses,  is expanding her vision and mission this weekend to help women in need; women who have suffered from abuse, along with women that are homeless.

On Saturday, October 22nd, Shareha will be joined by a number of battered and abused women, for the“A Mile in H.E.R. Shoes” charity event slated to heal the wounds of these women, if only for one day.

“It was organized in effort to uplift and encourage battered and homeless women,” Shareha says.

Here, Shareha gives further insight to the charity event:

Can you give a full overview of the event to take place on Saturday?

A Mile in H.E.R. Shoes is an event that will take place on October 22nd, 2011 at Grossinger City Autoplex from 10-3pm. It was organized in effort to uplift and encourage battered and homeless women. During the event, we will be offering a day of pampering (hair, nails, facials, make-up, etc), food and a drive for clothing, shoes and toiletries.

In addition, Another Chance Ministries, Cook County States Attorney General Anita Alvarez, P.O.E.T. and a plethora of inspirational speakers will be coming together to offer words of encouragement and resources to these women of suffrage.

The fact that you are having this event in recognition of battered and homeless women is inspiring and indeed a call to action. What encouraged you to create such an event and bring forth awareness on an issue that many refuse to openly discuss?

As a former victim of domestic violence, I know all too well the effects that it can have and how it goes beyond the physical. Because it also affects victims mentally, emotionally and spiritually, it is imperative to properly address it. Furthermore, we must acknowledge as people, victims or not, that it does not just affect the individual, it also affects our friends, family and unfortunately...our children. Indeed, we may not be able to walk a mile in their shoes, but together, we can make a difference!

When reaching out to these women, what touched and inspired you the most?

As we reached out to these women, what touched me the most is to hear some of the true stories that caused them to be in these battered homes. It is quite alarming to hear how many women, and even some men, are being affected by this on a day-to-day basis. Needless to say, it inspired me even more to want to help as many women as we are able. I honestly just want to help these women of suffrage in ways that I wish people would have known how to or were encouraged enough to help me.

What are your hopes for these women and people who attend the event on the 22nd? What do you want people to walk away with?

Through this event, I want the ladies to leave feeling good about themselves and encouraged. Some people may ask, "What does pampering have to do with it?" Pampering has much to do with it! How does any woman feel after a trip to the salon or spa? She feels pretty, right? Now, how would any woman feel if someone treated her to the salon or spa? She feels appreciated, right? Ok, that's the outside!

What about the inside? What if they had a caring, non-biased person to talk to and receive words of encouragement from without having to worry about being judged? Sometimes due to history or circumstances, these women of suffrage may be left with not a single person to talk to? We'd like to provide them with that. For the homeless women, who may also be a battered woman, we would like to provide them with food, clothing and toiletries which we hope will help these women know that somebody does care!
As for the people like staff, volunteers, vendors, sponsors and donors? We would like them to walk away with the feeling of joy and happiness that we have helped these women. On that day, through our collective efforts, I want us all to feel the love of God because it is, He that carried me through my struggles and who gave me the courage to do this event in the first place :-)

I hope to see you there! Let us pay a blessing or two forward. For more event details, please visit http://www.herpanache.com/amileinhershoes



Saturday, October 22, 2011


Grossinger City Autoplex

1530 N. Dayton, Chicago, IL 60642

(Just West of North Ave. and Clybourn)




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