The Symphony Opens Season at Apostolic Church

The Chicago Symphony Orchestra opened its season at Apostolic Church  of Christ on Chicago's South Side.  It was a wonderful free concert for the community at large.  And they came by the thousands, 5500 to be exact.

Mrs. Isabelle Brazier, mother of the church pastor, Dr. Byron Brazier invited them to perform. They accepted.   She loves classical music and is responsible for the children of the church being introduced to classical  music by performance, music lessons or field trips.  She hopes to make it an annual affair.   I hope so.

She started the Suzuki program for youth in the church and now there are young violinists.

It was quite a special evening.   Riccardo Muti is magnificent.  Before conducting the music, he told the crowd how to enjoy, saying there are no rules.  He played masterpieces.  He is a joy to watch.  His passion and charm embrace the stage as well as his baton. The stage replicated the Symphony's.  Everything, everybody in place.

This music was beautiful in this holy place. The mastero, said, "We bring you our feelings of love, and friendship through music."    He promised to come back and invited all to his place at Symphony Center.

They performed  beautifully.      The church was the perfect place.    It was a concert of grace.

Bravo and Amen.

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