The Soul Train Night

It was a great night on Labor Day at Millennieum Park. Soul Train was still hip and in full force.  It was the largest gathering to date at the downtown park with 20,000.  Alderman Barnett presented Don Cornelius with a Street Sign that will go on Madison Street near the studios where the Soul Train musical show begin.  He was touched beyond words and said this was the greatest thing that had happened to him in his life.  He was still Don Cornelius with the velvet voice.  He was touched by the outpour of love from his Chicago family.

The orchestra was hot, lead by Tom Tom Washington.    Marshall and the Chi Lites were great, as they lead the show. The Impressions were regal R&B, as they stood pat and sung People Get Ready and I am So Proud.    They even got a chance to do background for Jerry Butler in his classic, For Your Precious Love. Cornelius pointed out that he sings that song so swell that no one else  even attempts to sing it.    The Emotions emoted all over the stage.  Jerry was as cool as ever.    The Impressions were the cool trio.  This was music that you could tap your foot to and made you want to dance.

There were lines to the park on Michigan Avenue, north and south, trying to get in to the dance set.  Herb Kent worked his magic, as only he can with the dusties.  People danced in the aisle and recreated the Soul Train line.  Some wore big naturals and danced in the aisles in bell bottoms and stacked shoes.    It was a perfect evening as the sun went down.

Here's some pictures of Soul Train 40 years celebration by Walter Mitchell III.   If you missed it, you missed something special.


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