M.E.D.I.A. Girls!

People didn’t grab on to Beyonce’s song when she hit radio airwaves with “Girls (Who Run The World)”, the initial single off of her latest album, 4. But within the beats, hard-hitting drums, snares, and kicks, were lyrics of empowerment and praise of a beautiful specie: women.

And now, the song has become the backdrop and theme music whenever women unite for a unique cause or just want to brag about how absolutely amazing we, as woman, are!  Doesn't it feel good to be a woman! *smiles*

Last Wednesday evening, the message was prominent in that women are truly powerful attributes to the world when I attended an event at the Lighthouse Youth Center in the Bronzeville neighborhood.

The event was the launching of the Motivated. Educated. Dedicated.Individually.
Amazing. Girls Foundation, created by Flair TV media chics, Chundria and Nekia Nichelle.

The ladies reached out to a high magnitude of media femmes, dominating Chicago’s business industry. Panelist’s included: Kyra Kyles (Broadcast, Print and online culture critic and writer); Kathy Chaney (Chicago Defender); Demi Lobo (WGCI Radio Personality/Pop Singer); Bionce Foxx (Radio Personality/Producer for True Star Radio); Zondra Hughes (Rolling Out Magazine/WCIU Correspondent for Six Brown Chicks); DJ Niena Drake (Female DJ for WPWX) (Power 92); Carmen Rivera (Chicago Magazine); Joanna Aguirre (Publicist for the Chicago White Sox); Aleah Connect (WCIU Fashion Correspondent); Kristin Decker (WGN Radio Producer).

Topics of conversation ranged from the female identity as seen on television and in print media to the panelists' childhood dreams of what they thought they'd become as adults. Inspiration spread across the venue as both parents and their children expressed their gratitude for information received from the media mavens.

A few notable quotes:

Joanna Aguirre informed the audience that "every woman has control of their sexy. Those video girls aren't going to look like that in 20 years!"

Demi Lobo expressed to the young women that it's okay to be different and to be yourself.  She  made clear, "I'm myself 24/7 and that's navigated my career."

And while most fall under the pressures of being a growing teenager and everyone wants to be the ideal "cool" Kyra Kyles advised, "Never be afraid of being smart!"


The next installment of M.E.D.I.A Girls panel is scheduled for November 6th.

For more information, visit www.whatsyourflair.com.

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