FOODIES UNITE! StreetFood Artistry

To have an idea is one thing. To build upon that idea and formulate a strategic plan of action and execution takes a strong visionary with the ability to succeed through trial and error. To the extent, that they then become creators and innovators.

Such is perceived when speaking with business-savvy ladies Patrice Perkins and Alicia August-Wright. The ladies met in college through mutual friends, and now at 30-years-old, the two have become more like sisters with prospering ideas and a fearlessness to see them through.

Outside of their individual ambitious careers, Patrice as the creator of My Lifestyle Zen, a local lifestyle blog and Alicia, the founder of A’Vents by August, a boutique event planning company; the two joined forces and created StreetFood Artistry, a unique spin on Chicago events combining food, arts, and culture.

Attracting over 400 food and art enthusiasts from all across the Midwest to Galleria Marchetti, the event produced good eats and treats including E.Leaven Food Company, Dawali Mediterranean Kitchen, Bistro One West, and more. Food Truck vendors included, Bergstein’s NY Deli and Homage Street Food, Puffs of Doom, Macy’s A-Go-Go featured Chef Takashi Yagihashi along with a host of treats and vibrant food demonstrations from local Chicago businesses.

Highlighted performances included M.A.D.D Rhythms, an energetic team of tap dancers. Chicago Street Musicians, a local group of street performers also put on an outstanding show, amplifying the energy and crowd interaction.

With the growing recognition of food trucks and TV highlights on Chicago Foodies, the ladies kept their eyes on the development of this business venture for a year and half and took in their natural affinity about Chicago as inspiration behind the festive event.

“We thought it would be a wonderful way to capture the street vendors in Chicago but then also have an opportunity to bring together people of different cultures and celebrate things we love about our city, which is arts and the culture,” says Patrice.

StreetFood Artistry highlighted local non-profits, musicians, artists, and plentiful street vendors whom they deemed deserving of wider recognition.

“With the event, we connected people from different parts of the city. We put together a host committee from the arts, culinary, and the philanthropic community including people who we thought were influencers in the African American community to showcase our leaders.”

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