Do you remember SOUL TRAIN?  If you do good, if you don't sorry about that.  It was the hippest trip in America.   On Labor Day, September 5,  you can join the Soul Train festivities at Millennium Park.  There will be a stepper's set hosted by  the  Cool Gent,  Herb Kent.  The King of the Dusties starts spinning oldies  but goodies from the 60s, 70s, and 80s from 4 to 5:30.   And we can dance.   Bring your stepping shoes.

Before American Idol and Dancing with the Stars,  a young man from the south side of Chicago, Don Cornelius, introduced Black artists to the world as the teenie boppers who are now  boomers danced their hearts out to the latest tunes and created popular dance.  Soul Train aired in the 70s.   The program  gave us James Brown, The Supremes, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, The Temptations, Barry White, Smokie Robinson,  Al Green and many others  weekly.

On stage to bring it all home on labor day  are Chicago's very own.  Before he was a commissioner,  Jerry Butler  was the original lead singer of  The Impressions a group started with the late Curtis Mayfield.      The Impressions , who are fresh from Washington as participants in the King Memorial unveiling,  will be on hand with their soulful sounds from a trio of gentlemen.  The Chi-Lites, The Emotions and Gene Chandler, better known as The Duke of Earl are all on the show.

This will be an evening to remember and not to be missed. They will peform with a full orchestra conducted  by the great Tom Tom Washington.  The concert will be hosted by Richard Steel and Don Cornelius will make a guest appearance.   This is a old school show with a Chicago flavour.

The show starts at 6:30 at the  Jay Pavilion State.  The concert is FREE.



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    Are you coming out to STep on labor day?

  • Soul Train 40th Year Anniversary In Chicago Overlooked Chicago Recording Artist Bobby Hutton Who Performed On The 1st 1971 Pilot Soul Train Show !!
    By Marksallen, today at 2:50 am ■BOBBY HUTTON ON SOUL TRAIN 1971 Video by BobbyHutton - Myspace Video.flv
    Chicago Recording Artist Bobby Hutton performed live (see attached link) onnthe very first national pilot show of the nationally syndicated SOUL TRAIN music tv show with Don Cornelius, yet for some reason Bobby Hutton was not included in the line-up of Chicago recording artists set to perform for the 40th Year Anniversary of The Soul Train show in Chicago this Labor Day Holiday !!

    It was the performances of Bobby Hutton along with the late Eddie Kendricks, Gladys Knight & The Pips and others on that first pilot Soul Train show that attracted the other bigger name Chicago recording artists to await their scheduling on the new nationally syndicated Soul Train show with Don Cornelius out of California. And 40 years later after that 1971 inaugural show, Chicago recording artist Bobby Hutton is probably the only Chicago recording artist who recorded a current new hit recording with his new hit song "20 Years Later."

    So I am sure that it was not a purposeful oversight not to include him with the likes of Jerry Butler, The Chi-Lites, Gene Chandler and the others the city has chosen to be a part of the live 40 year anniversary show when they chose from the popular names that they knew but its not too late to make this 40th year Soul Train Anniversary right by adding the one Chicago recording artist like Bobby Hutton who is just as much a part of this history by his performing live on that very first national pilot show of the nationally syndicated show in 1971 with Don Cornelius and SOUL TRAIN !!

    There is no way that Don Cornelius or ANYONE can deny that Chicago Recording artist Bobby Hutton is very much a part of the historic Chicago music artists who came up with all of the other legends of that music era and has performed as well in Chicago and across the world, and again was on that very first show in 1971 that showed SOUL TRAIN to the world through the nationally syndicated show after its start on Chicago's local WCIU-TV.

    Since Bobby Hutton was a part of Don Cornelius and SOUL TRAIN's historic first national broadcast in 1971, that 40 years later in Chicago, Bobby Hutton still has time to be included in the 40th Year anniversary of the show in Chicago.

    I hope that the City and the music producers like Tom Tom Washington, Gene Barge, Don Cornelius and others would make right the oversight of a Chicago recording artist like Bobby Hutton that they all know was a part of the inaugural SOUL TRAIN history 40 years ago and should be properly included and recognized 40 Years Later.

    ■BOBBY HUTTON ON SOUL TRAIN 1971 Video by BobbyHutton - Myspace Video.flv

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