King's Memorial

King's Memorial

It is only befitting that Hurricane Irene appears in Washington when the King Monument is about to be showcased to the public. God has a sense of humor and is poetic. When King arrived in Washington some 48 years ago with The March on Washington, he brought about a storm in America for some a hurricane.

I am convinced King's Baptist preacher's voice was the most powerful this nation has heard in this century. He was not a politician. He was never elected to office. He was humble, direct and spoke truth to power. His words were universal as he spoke about injustices and inequities on America's second class citizen - The Negro. He made America live up to its creed as written in The Constitution of the United States. He challenged the forefathers words. He turned America up side down with his elegant voice.

King's change was clear, certain and defined. He wanted justice. He wanted to move beyond seperate but equal.  He wanted full integration. He wanted his people to be more than the help. He was crystal clear on his change.  The King statue represents another America. The America of protest can win and can change. It is the stuff America is made of. In this day and time, King would conduct another March on Washington. He would advocate stop the war. Stop the foreclosures. He would speak for the little man. He would  preach about  out the killings in the streets committed in urban areas on a daily bases. He would say stop the sugar coat. He would speak straightforward to the real issues of the day.

It is most fitting and historic that King's statue representing the Mountain top and the "Dream" appear  on the Washington mall. His voice is still heard. His voice is still loud. The check he spoke about being marked "insufficient fund" is still marked with insufficient funds. As we honor his stone memorial, I hope, all of the politicians in Washington read his words again and again and again to remember his life and what The March on Washington really represented some 48 years ago.


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