Viva Oprah

Oprah.  She did her last show.  It's final.  She went out on top, knowing when to fold.  As always she was wonderful.  It doesn't seem like she's been on air for 25 years.  What did we do before her?  What will we do after her?   She has been a wonderful source of inspiration. She has lived her life out loud and we have watched.  She has given and given and given. She has sent thousands of kids to school, she has helped many, she has built schools, she has given away more than you can account.

She built an empire.  Her touch has been golden.  She is the American dream.  She has inspired us with here voice.  Her interviews touch the soul and heart.  Her energy, and enthusiasm have been marveled.  She has taught us how to cook, given us beauty tips, interviewed the entertainers of the moment, introduced us to just interesting folk, she has paid tribute. We have watched her grow.  WE have watched her love.  
I admire her. She has been the best. She changed the world of TV giving us another standard and demonstrated to us how to be our best.
America owes this woman a debt of gratitude.  As we say good bye, we wonder what's next Oprah?  

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