President Obama was at his most Presidential moment as he reported the death of Osama bin Laden, the leader of al Qaeda.     It took ten years to kill  the terrorist.    It will be a part of the Obama Presidential years.   His critics can take a back seat. And the hoopla made by Mr. Trump regarding a birth certificate and college grades seems absolutely stupid.  I held my breath as the breaking news broke. It was late Sunday night and the President was about to speak.  It was serious, indeed.

The President did what he said he would do, if you remember the debates, with Hillary Clinton, when it was discussed that Obama was inexperienced in national security matters.  He said, if
he had reasonable intelligence, he would make the right decisions.  He did.  He was on a mission.  Determined, deliberate, focused, not distracted.  He got his man.  He made the
decision, he was not the diplomat.  He was the commander-in-chief. 

America is still healing from the 911 airplane crash that terrified the country, killing, thousands of ordinary people in New York City as the attack took down The Twin Towers.  The nightmare was like watching a movie and so was the killing of Osama. 

The President rose to the occasion.  He  united the American people.  He stood his tallest
The Republican have been put to rest.  Trump is fired. 

The gentle and firm president did it his way.  He won. We feel safer. 

  Bravo Mr. President. 


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  • Great post, Hermene! Couldn't agree more!

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