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Viva Oprah

Oprah.  She did her last show.  It’s final.  She went out on top, knowing when to fold.  As always she was wonderful.  It doesn’t seem like she’s been on air for 25 years.  What did we do before her?  What will we do after her?   She has been a wonderful source of inspiration. She... Read more »


President Obama was at his most Presidential moment as he reported the death of Osama bin Laden, the leader of al Qaeda.     It took ten years to kill  the terrorist.    It will be a part of the Obama Presidential years.   His critics can take a back seat. And the hoopla made... Read more »

Should Father Mike Stay or Leave the Catholic Church?

Father Michael Pfleger has been a star in the Catholic Church in Chicago and they don’t realize it or appreciate it.  Cardinal Francis George has suspended Father because he refused a new post at Leo High School.   Father Mike has built a church based on activism.  He follows Jesus in the name of his... Read more »