The Wedding


The newly weds.  There are weddings and then there is THE WEDDING.  THE ROYAL WEDDING at Westminster Abbey, was perfect.  It was a fairy tail come true. The commoner, the pretty Kate married the Prince.

They were picture perfect. The world watched as a new generation of royalty was ushered into their prime position.  It was refreshing as two billion people worldwide watched the couple unite. It was beautiful and romantic. She was beautiful. He was handsome.  

I enjoyed the full regalia, the eloquence, the formality of it all.  The protocols were all in place. 
The men in full dress and/or uniform. The lady with gloves and hats.  There were few modern changes. Obey was omitted from the vows, comfort was replaced.  
You thought about Prince William's mother at 19.  You thought Princess Grace.  You thought about the old fashioned marriages where people stay together forever no matter what.  You 
thought about Camilla, the woman the Prince really loved.
Prince William and his Catherine look lovely.  Beautiful wedding for the Royals.  Long may they love.  
It was refreshing, even at 4 a.m.   Toast to the Brits for doing it so well.  

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