Father Pfleger's Future

FatherPfleger1a.jpgFather Michael Pfleger is controversial and because of that he has probably been asked to give up his beloved St Sabina parish in the Auburn-Gresham community.  He has been there for three decades and has been a change agent for the community.  

Father is not the usual priest.  He has been an advocate to end youth violence, he cleaned up the neighborhood of  liquor and dope.  He protests and speaks his mind.  He has been political.  He has been a stellar leader and there should be more like him.

The Cardinal has requested that Father leave and perhaps be reassigned to St/. Leo High School.  I suggest Leo is too small for Pfleger, although he would be an excellent head master.
If Father is to leave and go into education, Mayor Elect Rham Emanuel should consider him to head up The Chicago PUblic Schools.  Can you imagine the changes that would come about.
And since the Cardinal is leaving at year's end, perhaps he should apply for the Cardinal's post.
Wouldn't you like Cardinal Pfleger.  

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