Senator Rickey Hendon Retires

Senator Rickey Hendon has decided to retire from politics. I regret his decision but certainly understand.  His reasons for retirement are simple. He is disappointed.   The back and forth in politics.   is a bit much.  The last election got to him.    As he watched the returns and saw the low voting turn out and the dismal numbers,he said enough already.  He said politics was beginning to make him sick.  Sleepless nights, hypertension among the illness. He said, he enjoys the political folly, but enough already.  It is one thing to go to Springfield and fight. The budget has been cut, the taxes go up.  He was particularly sadden about the CTA fairs be reinstated for seniors.  

The dismal voting for the mayoral election, Rickey found disheartening.  He was in the back rooms fighting for Congressman Danny Davis to be the "consensus candidate."  He said, Davis polling numbers were higher than Carol Mosley Braun in each instant, but she was the favorite.
He predicted she would loose, but didn't know how bad.  He see the turn of Black leadership and doesn't like it.
Rickey has been a good senator.  None has fought harder or work harder than he.  He will be missed. Springfield will miss him.  Thanks Rickey for being our advocate.  

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