Mayor Emanuel - The Voters Spoke

The City of Chicago spoke volumes.Myths were dispelled.  The election is over.  

In my last post, I predicted the outcome and missed by came close to the percentages, but didn't miss the race.

Rahm carried all of the Black wards. So much for the consensus candidate.    

This is the first election where there was real diversity in the candidates.  The voter
turnout was low.  Emanuel won with the lowest plurality ever for a mayoral campaign. 
Politicians are challenged by apathy.  The majority of people are not voting.  This is a statement unto itself.  
The campaign is over and now the works begins.  The challenge Rahm is to unite the city, and solve the problems.  He will move forward with a clear and swift focused agenda. He will be
He is the right man for this time.  I am glad N'Digo endorsed him.  

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