Did the President Cross the LIne?

Mayor Daley has often said The Mayor of Chicago is the best job in the land.  He must be right.

Today, President Barack Obama did a radio commercial for his candidate Rham Emnauel.  

The President has been known to say that he would stay out of the local race.  Not necessarily so.  The new commercial is right on the edge of being considered an endorsement.  From the rooms of The White House he said, "I need somebody at my side."  That somebody is guess who?

A new stage of politic has entered. Why so heavy handed. Chicago does not like imports. Chicago likes their very own.  This commercial might back fire.  Do we need the White House, to tell us who should be mayor?   Many people resent this heavy hand of politics.  Get to the issues.  While we are  impressed with clout,heavy duty connections, celebrity names, we are not impress that in the debates you thought the trains traveled to "87th" street, meaning "95th" street.  
Perception leads to reality and it is a real feather in your cap to have The President of The United STate to endorse your run.    But is will be the people of Chicago who vote.  There is a real surge to have Rham Emanuel win this race.  What does he know?  
What do you think?  Was it appropriate for The President of the United State to participate in local politics.   UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.     Who will Oprah endorse?    Who will Brad Pitt endorse?  Who will  Halle Barry endorse?  Who will Jennifer Lopez endorse? 
The real question is who will the people of Chicago vote for?     

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  • A candidate used audio from a prior event to imply an endorsement from Pres. Obama. You said the president "did a commercial for his candidate". Not the same thing, at least in my view.

  • But I don't think endorsements--outright or implied--matter all that much to many voters.

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