Chicago Politics is not racial. It's just the Chicago way.

Columnists in the major media are fixated on making the upcoming mayoral race "racist."  We have all become so sensitive to the call out of racism, that we can't seem to identify it anymore.   The mayoral race has lined up on racial lines.  Carol Moseley Braun is the decided female and black candidate.  Rham Emanuel is the signed up white candidate.  And Gerry Chico is the Hispanic candidate.    This is the line up of the race, no disrespect to others but this is the main line.  It was not racial politics last week for Black leadership to focus on a single candidate.  It was a smart move and a move toward winning.  No way can three or four candidates of the same race win.  The drunk knows that to be the case. Yet this motion by the pundits has been labeled as old time politics, race politics and as racism. Please, give me a break.  Not so.  Chicago is simply being Chicago as they all run  to floor number 5.    Sorry, columnists it is not racist to push your own. 

It is now time for the candidates to get to the issues and issues only.  So, that the voting public can evaluate the real differences.  

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  • Right on Hermene. Bout time somebody wrote soemthing with some sense.

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