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Did the President Cross the LIne?

Mayor Daley has often said The Mayor of Chicago is the best job in the land.  He must be right. Today, President Barack Obama did a radio commercial for his candidate Rham Emnauel.   The President has been known to say that he would stay out of the local race.  Not necessarily so.  The new... Read more »

Participate in N'Digo's Mayoral Survey

Don’t miss the chance to participate in N’Digo’s Mayoral Survey. Click or copy and paste the link below to vote on Chicago’s Mayoral People’s Poll.  The poll closes on 1/28/11 at noon.

King in Chicago - A Reality Check

We celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday. Had he lived he would have been 82 years old. Of course, he was killed on April 4 and died at the young age of 39 years old. As King’s life is talked about this week, many forget that he brought his movement to the North. He... Read more »

Chicago Politics is not racial. It's just the Chicago way.

Columnists in the major media are fixated on making the upcoming mayoral race “racist.”  We have all become so sensitive to the call out of racism, that we can’t seem to identify it anymore.   The mayoral race has lined up on racial lines.  Carol Moseley Braun is the decided female and black candidate.  Rham... Read more »