The Mayoral Race Changed. What Does It Mean Without Meeks?

The Mayoral race of 2011 changed radically with  Senator James Meeks dropping out.  His mayoral campaign was short lived.  It started with a lot of speculation and became official November 14, and ended officially just before Christmas Holiday, December 23.  

I regret that  Senator Meeks dropped out.   He was a strong candidate.   He knew the issues of the city  first hand.    He has worked diligently to change the funding of our school system.  He has buried too too many children from  the Roseland Community, the service area for his church.  He knows the pain,  anguish and fear of the children and their parents.  His approach to crime would be different than than the average politician.  He has heard the frustration from the Black business community on the issues and problems attempting to do  business with the city. 

Meeks has raised his status  in dismissing the Mayoral race.  He put the community over self.  In doing so,he  shores the  reality of the leadership deficit.  He killed the paper tiger.       His removal of self from the race spoke volumes to a united front.   The Black community is divided, perhaps beyond repair.  The 2011 race is an opportunity to cease City Hall by the largest voting bloc in the city.   However, the leadership of the community cannot assemble and agree to a single candidate.   The ministers, the elected  officials and the business groups cannot agree.  The African American candidates  bring excellent qalifications, but a consensus candidate is not there.  Without consensus of a single candidate that could mount into a single force, failure is promised.    Meeks knows the divide is real and smartly has saved face and grace to  himself by not being a part of  a  political circus.   He divorced the political reality.  

The race is now between Congressman Danny Davis, Carol Moseley Braun, Gary Chico and Rham Emanuel.   They are all proven in their leadership capabilities at different levels.  Congressman Davis is clearly needed in Washington, as was proven last week when the President called upon him.  He  has a wide breath of experience in public official capacities, as alderman, county commissioner and congressman.    Carol Moseley Braun  did not bring it when she was Senator , in my opinion.    She remains  the only woman who has held her Senatorial position.  She was on top of the world and she blew it.  Do we need a repeat?  Do people trust her?  She just disregarded her strongest supporter.     Gary Chico has served in numerous chairman positions running city departments, which provides unique insight.  But is he a number one guy?

With the Meeks resign, perhaps one African American candidate will emerge, but I doubt it.  I think they will fight it out and gurantee a win for Emanuel.  But suppose, just suppose Emanuel looses his residency  case in the Supreme Court.  Then it indeed would be a significant game change. 

The best thing for the Black community to do at this point is to formulate a strong Black Agenda and pitch it to all candidates.    The race is now in the hands of Rham Emanuel.   

What do you think of Meeks dropping out of the race?    How does the race change?   



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  • For the record, I have been saying since the end of this "consensus" candidate process that Meeks and Danny Davis should not at this critical time, give up their seniority in the State and Federal Government, but ADD to our political base with the historic candidacy Senator and Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun, who has no political offices to lose. A Braun victory would then give us a power base at the City, State, and Federal level.

    WOMEN are the majority of Chicago registered voters and can make Women's political history again by electing Braun as the first female Mayor since Jane Byrne. And for the Black community it's Braun as the first Black Mayor elected Mayor since Harold. "From Harold To Carol" on an election also being held symbolically during Black History Month. A united front for Braun could accomplish this.

    This election is not about no Rahm but a but about Black people finally acting like we have some sense that we have not shown in over 20 years. Cant we do something this Black History Month by making Black Political History again with the same woman we made history with as the first Black female United State Senator. That takes organizing, not this "paralysis of analysis" we find ourselves in, or most people wanting to talk, text and tweet their way through a new political movement.

    Carol Moseley Braun got over 92,000 petition signatures, got major financial backing from people like Elzie Higginbottom and John Rogers, now has almost 500 volunteers signed up to hit the streets, and the only thing we seem to be missing is a united front from our analysts, spinsters and organizers, versus this caving in to Rahm.

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