Steinberg Insults.

Neil Steinberg of The Chicago Sun Times wrote a controversial article in his column today.  He has no love for Carol Moseley Braun and obviously does not think that she is a viable candidate for the upcoming mayor's race.  I agreed with Neil  until Meeks dropped out of the race.  Her stock went up and she maybe the last Black candidate standing.  And Neil may have just handed her the "WOW" factor.    Why?  In an effort of unity for the community, Meeks departed the race saying that it was impossible for a "Black" candidate to win with multiples African Americans running.  He is right and he dropped.  Now there is pressure for others to drop and Carol may not  be the one. 

Steinberg has declared Emanuel the winner before the election.  It is his right to do so.  But it does not make him right.  Rham is playing to a national audience. The New York Times, The Washington Post  are watching Rham's campaign and now we look forward to Clinton, Rham's old boss, coming to town, like Santa to campaign. Clinton may bring more resentment than votes. 

ONLY CHICAGOANS VOTE, IT SHOULD BE SO NOTED.  This is where the Steinbergs of the world need to stop, look and listen.  Chicago is a tale of two people,  one white and one black.  The White side is often out of touch with the Black side and vice versa. The   Hispanics can swing an election, while a mass black turn out can determine one.  It has happened many times.  Downtown media did not call the win of Harold Washington.  He caught them by surprise, the Black community was waiting and watching. 

N'DIGO has been conducting polls of the mayoral race.  I wanted to determine the way of the Black vote. Black voters are often overlooked and under served by the pollsters.  The last N'DIGO  poll, was the one Steinberg cited.  It was an online survey conducted in November.    African American women weighed in the most and their poll vote was for Carol Mosley Braun   It was fair and square.  My personal preference was James Meeks.  Steinberg incorrectly says the poll was not representative  and that I polled my friends.  Not true.  He goes further to insult Black leadership and to portray Black Chicago as dreamy and that Carol represents "egomaniacal muddle."  He makes Black leadership imaginary and self destructive.  He denounces Harold Washington and casts the Black community as "magical thinkers."

And you wonder why I conducted a  poll.  Below is a new poll, to measure the now sentiment of Chicago.  Please cast your vote. Some people are highly insulted by Steinberg's writing.  I regret his negative comments, but he has a right to his opinion.

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  • My sole question is, where are the rest of the candidates'names in your poll?. The field is wide open.

  • I remember the fiasco that was Senator Carole Mosley Braun. The first black woman senator, what a hot mess she made of it. Must the candidate be "black" to be viable? This is vicious Chicago politics, and if you can't take the heat, and have to toss the word "racist" around, then go home. Harold Washington, the late, great mayor of Chicago, who never ran on race, just laughed when he was insulted, or gave as good as he got - end of story (I miss him). Mayor Daley (not a fan) pays no attention, he ignores negative stories about him, especially when Neil Steinberg writes about him. The poll was not scientific and it was one-sided. Only black females, so it isn't really viable except to talk about socially. You prefer Mr. Meeks? His stupid remarks about the only minority being black, and his reference to "white women", made me cringe. Did he not know the set asides are government mandates for DBE - Disadvantage Business Enterprise? SBE's - small business enterprise, MBE's - minority business enterprise, and WBE - women business enterprise (which includes black women, hispanic and white women). The word "racist" has been thrown around so much, for so many years, it has lost its once powerful impact. Blacks have had many set-asides for the last 50 years, how long will it take them to get it together. Oh, I am a minority, but I don't vote for someone based on the color of their skin, I want to see qualifications. By the way, I can't stand Rahm Emmanuel.

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