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Steinberg Insults.

Neil Steinberg of The Chicago Sun Times wrote a controversial article in his column today.  He has no love for Carol Moseley Braun and obviously does not think that she is a viable candidate for the upcoming mayor’s race.  I agreed with Neil  until Meeks dropped out of the race.  Her stock went up and... Read more »

The Mayoral Race Changed. What Does It Mean Without Meeks?

The Mayoral race of 2011 changed radically with  Senator James Meeks dropping out.  His mayoral campaign was short lived.  It started with a lot of speculation and became official November 14, and ended officially just before Christmas Holiday, December 23.   I regret that  Senator Meeks dropped out.   He was a strong candidate.  ... Read more »

#26-50 Gifts

1.  Gov. Rod Blagojevich                                         An innocent verdict. 2.  Shirley Sherrod                                                  New... Read more »

25 Gifts

1.  Gayle King                                       Dancing with the Stars Appearance. 2.  Aretha Franklin                                Clean Bill of Health. 3.  Gov. Pat Quinn    ... Read more »