25 Gifts

1.  Gayle King                                       Dancing with the Stars Appearance.
2.  Aretha Franklin                                Clean Bill of Health.
3.  Gov. Pat Quinn                                Riverboat Casinos.
4.  Todd Stroger                                   A New Career.
5.  Garrard McClendon                         A Network Television Show.
6.  Margaret Burroughs                         Washington Park renamed to Burroughs Park.
7.  Rev. Jesse Jackson                           A Biography.
8.  Walmart                                            More stores, more neighborhoods, more jobs.
9.  Sarah Palin                                       Appearance on the Wendy Williams Show.
10. CPS Teachers                                  Respect and a pay raise.
11. The Black Agenda                            A consensus on what we want. What we need,
                                                              what we aren't doing right, and what we can do 
                                                              about it.
12. Bishop Horace Smith                       Another 40 Years of Service.
13. Toni Preckwinkle                             The backbone to do what needs to be done,
                                                             the support to make it happen.
14. Pres. Barack Obama                         A Lesson from Bill Clinton's playbook.       
15. First lady Michelle Obama                Black Designer.
16. Black Teen Girls                               The sixth sense to spot Domestic Violence and
                                                              avoid a potential abuser.
17. Mayoral Candidate James Meeks      An office on the 5th Floor, City Hall
18. City Colleges Chancellor Cheryl       A Remedial Center.
19. Wayne Watson, President of             New Office, Czar of Education.
      Chicago State University   
20. Mary Mitchell                                    Clarity, and a research assistant.
21. Illinois Republicans                          A conscience.
22. Illinois Democrats                             A backbone, and a plan.
23. Tim King                                           Urban Prep for Girls
24. Fantasia                                            A faithful husband.
25. Mel Gibson                                       Sensitivity training.

What would you give?

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