What would you do if you ruled the schools?

There is a new trend in public education.  The profession of pubic education has been degraded.  Anybody from any profession can be at the helm of an educational system.  Mayor Bloomberg in New York, recently named Cathie Black,an extraordinary magazine publisher, to be chancellor of New York's public schools.  The appointment has been protested. As the mayoral candidates seek the fifth floor, all polls and public discussion, suggest that Education is the top issue.  So, sense anybody can run the school system, these days, I am throwing my hat in the ring. 

If I ruled the Chicago Public Schools, this is what I would do to bring about positive change.

1. All students at every grade level would be required to wear uniforms.  This would bring about a standard, eliminate the gang colors and equalize social status.  It also prepares students for the world of work. 

2.  All students would participate in sports.  Sports would be expanded in the schools to include:  dancing, biking, tennis, fencing, boxing, skate boards, etc.  Active sports would take place three days a week and nutrition twice a week. 

3.  All students would have a lap top and a ipad.

4.  Teachers would wear professional dress to school.

5.  Students  would attend school 11 months of the year. Holiday would be one month,  July or August.

6.  All students would be required to read a book once a week.

7.  Arts woudldbe restored to the schools. All students would take dance, art or learn to play a musical instrument.

8.  All teachers would get a 10% raise.  Salaries would then be reflective of the graduation rate.  This would encourage teachers working as a collective, to encourage a positive result.

9.  Exhange students. Students would be exchange students.  Students woudl be encouraged one month to seek out another culture, community or country to interact with.

10.  It would be mandatory for parents to participate in the learning process. 

11.  Stu dents would take home economics to learn basic learning skills,  cooking, sewing and home repairs.

12.  The business community and senior citizens would be encouraged to assist children in the learning process.

These are my suggestions in improving the  schools.  What improvements would  you make?

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