Bishop Arthur Brazier's Funeral

Bishop Braizier(sml).jpgLast week Bishop Arthur Brazier of Apostolic Church was funeralized.  The funeral was streamed and had over one million hits.  This remarkable man had two official services.  One was Thursday,  October 29,  for the church, family and friends.   Friday was the final service for clergy and public officials.  

His son, Dr. Byron Brazier, officiate both services.  Michelle Obama, America's First Lady, was on hand for the Friday service along with Valerie Jarrett.  Both services were majestic and befitting his exemplary life as a pastor, community organizer, and a civic leader.

He towered over men.    He transformed  the community of Woodlawn  making  it an urban model.  He taught well.  He lived a good life.  As we mourn his passing, we have been  blessed with his life.   Over 20,000 people came live to pay tribute to him.  He was a powerhouse  and his legacy and touch extends  beyond his lived years.   

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